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phillimet's Journal

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This comm is a store for character bios and place for roleplaying fictional characters set in a derivative universe- crossed between DC and Marvel comics.

Disclaimer- Those writing here do not own the rights to the characters used, use them without permission and are not making a profit with them.

Bob, the Mod, can be contacted through messaging here on LJ.


The City of Philligan, New Jersey is guarded by its Slimy Knight, the Lusca- Batman and Doctor Octopus. In Philligan City, the crack snorts you- 'designer drugs' lurk around every gloomy corner, and the mob is the boogeyman under your pillow.

The City of Metchestton, on the other side of New Jersey, is guarded by the magnificent Magnum- Superman and Magneto. In Metchestton, the good guys win out- 'mutants', people born with seemingly supernatural prowesses or oddities, are free to live their lives in peace. Some want to end it, though- and desperately.


Then, if accepted, post your bio here. Lists of taken mixes- Philligan, Metchestton.

Contact info must be included with the bio!

Name/Codename: (both, pls)
Mix: (Marvel character/DC Character)
Time: (The era/year they're from.)


Source of Powers: (Mind that mutants cannot be too powerful naturally, but boosting their powers is just fine. Most in the costume business will be metahumans.)
Limitations: (Needs at least two.)

Costume: (Not too much detail needed. Picture if you want, as that's easiest!)
Build: (Height and weight.)
Race: (Aliens are allowed, key to races pending.)
Distinguishing Features: (Out of costume.)

Background: (Where they're from, how they got the powers, why they do what they do... so on. Three paragraphs are enough. :3)

Rules for Mixes
1) City mixes: Metchestton is mostly X-Men/Superman. Philligan is mostly Spider-Man/Batman. San Fransisco is mostly Ultron-Avengers/Wonder Woman. London is mostly for magic-related characters. Cronopolitan characters tend to be those from different timelines.
2) Mutants may not be too powerful from birth- most mutants aren't quite as powerful as your typical hero.
3) Check the character lists for availability information. You can apply for a listed character if you consult with the mod for existing info!
4) Sexual situations are allowed with these characters, but no underage or non-consensual sex is allowed to be RPed outright.